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Easy to ruin a horse dealers reputation … but the truth WILL come out!

How often do people know whats true or not? Rumors are spread very easily and people likes to talk about things that ruins for other people … but then when it comes out that the rumor was wrong no one… Fortsätt läsa →

Back in Sweden and Stockholm!

I have now reopened my business at a stable in Stockholm and here I will run a professional sales- training/competition facility. Already now at the end of the month new sales horses will arrive from Germany. The plan is to… Fortsätt läsa →

Will federation take responsibility?

Many people are asking me where my horses are now and if I will get them back … The horses are in Dubai still and I know that Cando 2 is competing with a 14 years old boy from Austria… Fortsätt läsa →

Who bought my stolen horses from the thief?

Of course I have heard about stolen horses before (even though its not so usual) and disputes between owners and arguments about who owns what. But never before have I heard a story like this, where a thief is actually… Fortsätt läsa →

… the stolen horses…

Despite emails and phone calls from Armagan asking how they could change the ownership without his approval, nothing happened. No one took responsibility … Federation blamed the club, the club said that to them the thief was the owner bcz… Fortsätt läsa →

More about the stolen horses in Dubai!

One day, when Annika (the swedish rider) came to the stable all three horses were gone … An iranian girl, Vahide Lashgari, had picked them up and moved them to another stable … Now the interesting part comes … Vahide… Fortsätt läsa →

Stolen horses in Dubai!

When Armagan and I separated, the horse Cando and some other horses became my horses after an agreement between us. CANDO went to the world equestrian games in Kentucky (2010) under Turkish flag, with rider Ömer Karaevli in the saddle… Fortsätt läsa →

Kemer Golf & Country Club

It was really different and a big challenge to be manager at an equestrian center in Istanbul compared to Sweden. Around 250 horses was based there, some belonging to the school but most of them private owned by people renting… Fortsätt läsa →

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